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Our Services


Tree Assessment 

If you’re concerned about a tree, to the untrained eye it can be difficult to recognise signs of stress, declining health or structural defects. An assessment by our qualified Arborists will determine any work needed to keep your trees strong, healthy and safe. We can provide comprehensive written Arborist reports for Council or other governing bodies, detailing the relevant information required with advice on how to best manage your trees. We can also provide a verbal consultation on tree management and identifying hazards and risks. 

Tree Pruning

The pruning objective can vary greatly and changes how we approach trees. How we manage a heritage listed specimen is different to how we manage a fruit tree for example. Form pruning a juvenile or semi-mature tree is a great way to ensure longevity and increase usefulness, while weight reduction pruning a mature tree ensures risk mitigation and management. The one thing that never waivers, regardless of pruning objective, is the final cut. Our finished product. Each cut is precise and in accordance with Australian Standard - AS 4373-2007 Pruning of amenity trees. Yes, there is an Australian Standard for tree pruning!


Tree Removal

If your tree requires removal, we are the team to call. Anything from directional felling or climbing and dismantling in sections, and lowering through small gaps between structures, or using EWP and cranes, is no issue for us. Our advanced techniques and experience will see your tree removal done safely and efficiently. The wood can be cut up for firewood, milled for timber or simply removed from site and foliage mulched for your garden. 


Pest & Disease Management  

If you’ve got pest or disease concerns, then we will provide the best advice on how to manage them. Quite often pests are misdiagnosed or don’t pose a significant issue to trees, as they can be part of the greater ecology and nature has a way of balancing things out. Though pests such as Elm Leaf Beetle can be of great detriment over successive years, it is important to get the right diagnosis and management plan in place, to ensure health and vigour of your trees.

Tree Protection During Development 

Tree protection during development is often an afterthought, with the many things to consider throughout the process. Unfortunately, trees are greatly impacted by construction and may not show the signs for a few years. Our Arborists can assist you through all stages of development and construction, and adhere to Australian Standard - AS4970 2009 Protection of Trees on Development Sites. Yes, there is an Australian Standard and its best to engage our Consultant Arborists in the planning stage.


Plant Recommendations 

Plants for purpose is the objective when recommending tree species for your local environment. Trees are incredibly varied in their uses, so the purpose and desired outcome is key. If you're seeking a feature tree for your lawn, a shade tree for your garden, screening, hedging, a burst of autumnal colour, fruits and nuts for harvesting, bird and bee attracting, windrows or you simply have space for a tree, we will offer recommendations that will suit your purpose and thrive in its unique and desired setting. 

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